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I am not perfect, I am authentic

Mujer autentica




Hello! I am Thais Guillén, Psychologist and Coach. Specialized in emotional well-being and in dissolving blocks, through work with EMDR.


When we feel bad emotionally, the body warns us that there is something to listen and attend to. Here appear anxiety, sadness, stress or fear and other symptoms.


If you feel that these emotions are affecting your life, I propose that you stop fighting against it and take the step to free yourself from what is limiting you: regain control and your peace of mind.


The purpose of life is to be happy. Dare to take the step. I accompany you!

Individual therapy:

Infant-youth and adults
Sometimes it is not easy for us to find the causes of our internal conflict and the consequent symptoms that make us suffer. In individual therapy we detect the root of the problem and work on it to eliminate the symptoms and thus feel better and improve our quality of life.

Recommended for personal work, for example for the treatment of anxiety, depression, blockages and traumas, emotional dependence, grief, improvement of self-esteem ...




Group therapy:

It is a therapy where the strength and energy of the group helps to the extent that experiences, successes and errors, thoughts, etc. are bought. It is done with people who are in the same situation, people who live or have experienced a similar situation.

Recommended in situations of emotional dependence, victim of abuse and mistreatment, including victims of narcissists and psychopaths, substance dependence.


Contulta groups

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