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Happy children and young people


Psychology, child and youth therapy

It is not always necessary to work with the child directly, but on many occasions the intervention of the psychologist is aimed at guiding the parents. By making changes in the educational guidelines and feeling more secure when acting, they obtain a favorable response in the child.


We see in children that there are situations that could be reviewed when:


1. The child shows a sudden change, which is maintained over time and that you cannot explain. You notice him sad, listless, or very irritable.

2. He has problems relating to his colleagues and friends, either because he behaves in a violent way, because he is too shy or because he presents an unusual disinterest.


3. You are afraid of being alone and often have trouble falling asleep. Has nightmares or night terrors.


4. Exhibits behaviors that are difficult to handle, such as disobedience, aggressiveness, or excessive attachment.


5. Has trouble in school, has trouble concentrating, is often bored, and overly restless.


6. Has tics, obsessions or physical disorders that do not have a medical cause, such as headaches, skin problems and / or vomiting.


7. You feel like you can't handle the situation and you have the feeling of being on edge, not knowing what to do.


8. You suffer from bullying.

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