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Yoga en casa
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Ho'oponopono It is an ancestral Hawaiian method.

A self-healing tool as simple as it is effective. Connect with your balance and that of the environment, in order to resolve the discomfort.

Everything that appears in our life originates with a thought, and is presented to give us a chance to let go and heal.

The process is that there is a discomfort that comes from a thought and is expressed in an emotion or sensation in the body. The way to solve it is the acceptance and management of this state, because if it does not last, because I resist it it persists and it will appear again until it is resolved.

Thus, this tool is focused on the resolution of internal conflicts and discomforts, based on acceptance, reconciliation, forgiveness and self-love.

I propose a practical workshop focused on learning and experiencing Ho'oponopono to be able to use it on a day-to-day basis and feel better, solving discomforts.

Women's circle


Circle of brave women who want to move forward, with passion, with love and above all with great desire to feel freer every day, without depending on the outside, because happiness is always within myself.



Biweekly; morning or afternoon

2 hours per session

Individual and group work

€ 40 / month



We deal with a topic in each session and we learn the experiential tools, techniques, body work, group dynamics, meditations, etc.



Connect with my essence. Deepen my self-knowledge. Improve personal security and confidence. Reduce anxiety and self-demand. Connect with my power, empower myself. Improve self-esteem. Calm the mind and live positively. Improve relationships. Live in the present, here and now. Live in peace and harmony.




Mindfulness or full attention is a basic human quality: it is the ability to be present with an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance, suspending judgments.

It is a skill that is part of our psychological structure, although in most people it is present intermittently and superficially, since it is not trained or strengthened. By training mindfulness, we will achieve a greater sense of connection with ourselves and with everyone around us, giving us more options to fully respond to life challenges.

Scientific research and the experience of many people confirm that the practice of being present improves our body-mind connection and the regulation of our emotions.

This Mindfulness training is based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program of the Massachusetts Clinic.

All those people who are interested in improving their quality of life by training techniques that will reduce stress, achieve mental tranquility and physical relaxation, increase the ability to focus attention and concentration and obtain benefits for general well-being.

The workshop is a space for those who want to start a process of self-knowledge: an adventure towards oneself, to discover ourselves by observing the world with another look and connecting with our emotions.

• Manage stress by developing awareness of the present moment by moment, with a consequent improvement of the immune system.
• Improve the emotional act-regulation, acquiring a greater capacity to identify our emotional reactions and decide how we want to react.
• Respond, instead of reacting, to the different stressful situations that arise in our day to day, observing and recognizing our emotions, thoughts and sensations.
• Learn to relax the mind and body, with training in meditation and breathing techniques, as well as through body exercises.
• Improve concentration, increase attention span, increase creativity and develop empathy in the professional and personal sphere.
• Develop emotional intelligence and practice conscious and non-violent communication in times of crisis.


Training is a very practical learning process. The exercises are divided into 10 to 20 minute sitting, standing, walking, mindful movement and mindful yoga practices and daily activity practices to facilitate the integration of mindfulness into daily life.

It is a psychoeducational activity, it is not group therapy or clinical training. The training takes place over 8 weeks, with eight weekly sessions plus one day of intensive practice. As it is a training in skills to improve quality of life, a practice time is required in the sessions and a commitment to practice at home.

The groups are small to favor participation and experiential learning, and are led by specialized and experienced therapists.

To facilitate learning, easily accessible audio-practices are used on the Internet and on the Smartphone to be able to perform the exercises anywhere.

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