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confeti Tormenta

Marta, 33 years old, EMDR therapy completed, 2019

'Honestly, it took me a lot to take the step and start therapy, but it has been a very nice process to see the progress, to reconnect with myself, empowering myself and freeing myself from the sadness and overwhelm I had you almost always. Thais Guillén is a wonderful psychologist, a professional who contributes a lot!

Totally recommended. '





Belén, 44 years old, finished therapy, 2018

'I decided to start EMDR with Thais Guillén because I felt very nervous, impulsive and sometimes a little intolerant, this had caused me problems with personal stability and with my environment.

After EMDR therapy I am very happy with the change, I am much more stable and I feel calmer.

With Thais we worked on traumas and aspects of the past that he had to solve, this was the most important thing.

On the other hand, she as a person gives me serenity and objectivity in the situations that I pose to her, neutralizing my emotions and trying to make me see them too, from another prism. It has given me tools that I can use to feel better.

I find it therapeutic even in my worst moments, rewarding and stimulating at the same time, it is a relationship that always adds up. He is a great person. It makes me feel understood, supported and welcomed by someone who gives me a lot. '





David, 54, currently in therapy, 2019

'I am doing EMDR therapy with the psychologist Thaïs and I am amazed at the effectiveness of this therapy. At first I didn't really believe it would work, since I was used to more traditional psychotherapy. But Thaïs has given me a lot of confidence and is guiding me in this therapy, which has been perfect for me so far, I am very happy to have tried it.

I am feeling quite well and I have been able to stop the medication that I was taking due to anxiety and social phobia, which has freed me from being aware of taking the pill every day, since if I did not remember a stroke, I felt bad. As a band, taking medication made me feel like I was "sick" and now instead I see that there are some memories from the past that produce negative effects in the present, and that I can safely relive these memories with therapy and understand them better because they don't hurt me. '

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