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Psychology, adult therapy



Hello! I am Thais Guillén, Psychologist and Coach. Specialized in emotional well-being and in dissolving blocks, through work with EMDR.


When we feel bad emotionally, the body warns us that there is something to listen and attend to. Here appear anxiety, sadness, stress or fear and other symptoms.


If you feel that these emotions are affecting your life, I propose that you stop fighting against it and take the step to free yourself from what is limiting you: regain control and your peace of mind.


The purpose of life is to be happy. Dare to take the step. I accompany you!

If you want to improve your quality of life to feel better, I'll be with you.


Psychotherapy is recommended for psychopathologies but also for people who want to improve their quality of life and are considering internal changes to do so. Without realizing it, we lead our lives in a routine way and we get used to our situation, the body will get used to everything. But maybe I have patterns that repeat themselves and make me feel bad, maybe I have situations that I have trouble coping with, maybe I have difficulties developing a specific area of ​​my life ... All of this can work better. Our goal is to be happy and internal changes bring me closer to a full life.



How do I detect in my daily life that I could make an internal change to be better?


  1. You have suffered a blockage or trauma in the past.

And feel that it continues to affect you in what you do and how you do things today. It actually affects how you feel and how you react to situations that come your way.


2. You feel emotional pain.

That is transformed into the form of emotions that hurt us, in a recurring way, feeling: sadness, discouragement, anxiety, stress, anguish, nerves, anger, susceptibility, fears, insecurities, depression ...


3. You feel discomfort in your daily life.

Some particular aspect may be causing significant problems in the functioning of your daily life, whether at work, at home, at school or elsewhere.


4. Your relationships are damaged.

If you feel discontent in your relationships with your loved ones, be it your partner, your children, siblings or parents, or you no longer feel comfortable in your group of friends and you have difficulties communicating how you really feel.


5. You have suffered a loss and it continues to affect you.

We talk about the pain of the death of a loved one, a romantic partner breakup and the loss of a job, among other possible situations. We tend to think that this grief malaise is going to go away on its own eventually, and yet that is not always the case. Grief causes future damage if it is not well assimilated, and it can lead to isolation from friends and loved ones.


6. You suffer from recurring headaches, stomach pains, or low defenses that have no medical explanation.

Emotional problems tend to manifest in our bodies. Stress, or emotional discomfort, for example, can manifest itself in many ways in our relationship with food, in chronic stomach and headaches, and frequent colds or decreased sexual appetite.


7. You feel disconnected from activities that you used to enjoy.

If you no longer enjoy seeing your friends or loved ones, or going to your favorite places, it may be a sign that something is wrong. If you feel a general disappointment, and you have the feeling that there is no point in doing things now, or you feel unhappy.


8. Your family or friends have told you that they are worried about you.

Sometimes we just ignore the most obvious signs in our lives. The comment of a good friend, our wife or parents, and the recommendation to seek help. They may have told you "Hey, are you feeling fine? I've been worried about you for a while, about your well-being, maybe you could talk to someone professional about it."


9. You use some addictive substance to deal with your problems.

If you drink or use drugs more frequently or in greater quantity, even think about using them, or have had noticeable changes in your appetite, both the desire to eat excessively and the lack of appetite, these may be signs that you want to eliminate emotions or impulses that it is necessary to attend.


10. Nothing you've done so far seems to have helped improve your current situation.

Sometimes our skills to deal with difficulties seem like they are not enough. They just stop working or become less effective at this point.



Furthermore, individual psychological therapy is equally helpful and beneficial in cases where the goal is to increase potential and make life a better experience.

  1. Accept yourself

  2. Enrich your marriage relationship

  3. Be better parents

  4. Prosper in your work

  5. Delve into the meaning of your life

  6. Achieve discipline to perform exercises

  7. Leave behind and forgive

  8. Improve the ability to express emotions

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