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A group that supports itself grows stronger


Group therapy

It is a therapy where strength and group energy helps to the extent that experiences, successes and errors, associated thoughts or feelings / emotions, etc. are shared. The possibility of learning through the experiences of others is provided.


It is done with people who are in the same situation, people who live or have experienced a very similar situation.

Recommended in situations of emotional dependence, victim of abuse and mistreatment, victims of narcissists and psychopaths, substance dependence.


During the group intervention the following are addressed:
- awareness of various situations of abuse
- early detection of potentially dangerous behavior
- self-knowledge techniques
- rebuilding self-esteem
- emotional management
- assertiveness
- among other...


Group therapy allows me to feel identified with the group of peers who have experienced similar situations. The mutual learning of strategies for conflict resolution, providing this interaction an extra benefit in this regard.


Contulta groups

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