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Thais Guillen


Psychologist certified by the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia n. 26307.


I have a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Master in Integrative Psychotherapy of Mensalus. Specialized in EMDR Therapy by the Spanish Association of EMDR and EMDR Europe.


Founder and director of the Center for Psychology and EMDR Thais Guillén.


Also online service.




- Emotional well-being

- Anxiety, stress and fears

- Dissolution of blockages and traumas

- Emotional dependencies

- Victims of narcissistic families and / or couples




- Creator of the 21-Day Challenge for Removal Well-Being: Generating a Mind of Abundance. Online and free.


May it strengthen you and allow you to move from your current state to a more empowered one.


I offer you a journey towards yourself, towards yourself, dedicating a few minutes a day to stillness to experience abundance in its essence, generating a new mind, which above all provides you with well-being.


During these days we will create a routine and a habit, we will learn the key tools to generate this new mind of abundance, so that you can extrapolate it to your day to day.


I wait for you! on Instagram, Youtube, Faceook and Podcasts


- Podcast de las Mariposas , a space for reflection, to delve into different aspects of our being, with the aim of generating more well-being and tranquility.


In each episode I will share with you keys to how we work and psychology tools so that you can apply them on a day-to-day basis, in a very useful and practical way.


If you are motivated by the desire to improve yourself and feel better every day, this is your space.


I wait for you! on Podcasts and Spotify.



- Graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1997).
- Master of Integrative Psychology from Mensalus.
- Expert, specialization in EMDR Therapist, for the Treatment of Attachment blocks and traumas in adults by the Spanish Association of EMDR and EMDR Europe.
- Postgraduate degree in NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, a communication model made up of a series of techniques, whose learning and practice are focused on human development. By the Spanish Association of Neurolinguistic Programming.
- Postgraduate in Life Coaching, support in the achievement of objectives allowing us to develop personally and professionally.


The foundation of effective therapy is established rapport and empathy. I am an open and close person. I adapt to the situation, moment and circumstances of the other person to promote a climate of trust and closeness, which allows accompaniment and favors the personal process.


My goal is to reduce emotional suffering in the shortest possible time in an effective, efficient and lasting way.


I evaluate the situation and establish the line and the psychotherapeutic process to follow, always in a consensual way with the other person. From here I establish the line of work and the tools in which we are going to support ourselves to achieve the established objectives. Always adapting to the demand of the person and the moment and the specific situation they have, giving great importance to the person and their circumstances.


If appropriate, I work with EMDR Therapy, an innovative and very effective approach, going to the cause of the current conflict. EMDR works centered on the patient and their inherent healing mechanisms, treating the focus, blockage or trauma. The World Health Organization has recommended EMDR since 2013 for work with blockages and trauma.


Sometimes we feel bad but we don't understand why. What I do is identify the base of the problem and through the structured EMDR procedure I facilitate the unlocking and the new processing that will allow you to release the cause of the current conflict, regaining your calm. In this way, this symptom does not reappear on a recurring basis, since the cause has been resolved.


You can watch this illustrative video to better understand how I work through EMDR:


Anuncio Reto 21 dias



- Creadora del Reto de 21 días para el bienestar remocional: Generando una mente de abundancia. Online y gratuito. 


Que te fortalezca y te permita pasar de tu estado actual a otro más empoderado.


Te ofrezco un viaje hacia ti misma, hacia ti mismo, dedicando unos minutos al día a la quietud para experimentar la abundancia en su esencia, generando una nueva mente, que sobretodo te proporcione bienestar.

Durante estos días crearemos una rutina y un hábito, aprenderemos las herramientas clave para generar esta nueva mente de abundancia, de manera que lo puedas extrapolar a tu día a día.


Te espero! en Instagram, Youtube y Podcasts.

- Podcast de las Mariposas, un espacio de reflexión, para profundizar sobre diferentes aspectos de nuestro ser, con el objetivo de generarnos más bienestar y tranquilidad.


En cada episodio compartiré contigo claves de cómo funcionamos y herramientas de la psicología para que puedas aplicarlas en el día a día, de una manera muy útil y práctica.


Si te mueven las ganas de superarte y sentirte cada día mejor, este es tu espacio.

Te espero! en Podcasts y Spotify.

- Licenciada en Psicología por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (1997).

- Máster en Psicología General Sanitaria por la Universitat de Girona.

- Máster en Psicoterapia Integradora por la Universidad Nebrija.
- Experto, especialización en Terapeuta EMDR, para el Tratamiento de los bloqueos y traumas de Apego en adultos por la Asociación Española de EMDR y EMDR Europe.
- Posgrado en PNL, Programación Neurolingüística‎, modelo de comunicación conformado por una serie de técnicas, cuyo aprendizaje y práctica están enfocados al desarrollo humano. Por la Asociación Española de Programación Neurolingüística.
- Posgrado en Life Coaching, de acompañamiento en el logro de objetivos permitiéndonos desarrollarnos personal y profesionalmente.

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